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Bay Area leaders relieved… but maybe a little disappointed

As Hurricane Ian shifted east and south, Tampa Bay Area civic leaders expressed relief, advice for residents to remain vigilant and a little bit of disappointment.

“Obviously we’re glad that once again it appears we have avoided the worst of what is a catastrophic storm, but our thoughts and prayers go out to the people south of us who will be severely impacted,” said Tampa Mayor Jane Castor. “At the same time, this is far from over. We can’t let our guard down. We’ll get through this together.”

“Yep. I was going to say all of that, too,” agreed St. Petersburg Mayor Ken Welch.

“Still, I have to wonder what Ian was thinking,” said Castor. “We have so much to offer here. Beaches, nightlife, culture. We’ve hosted multiple Super Bowls! We have an aquarium and a hockey team. Both of which are top-notch. I find it hard to believe that Fort Myers has as much to offer as we do. But also, thoughts and prayers to those poor people.”

“I mean, it’s not like we want a hurricane to hit here. Anything but that!! Still, I respect Ian’s choice but seriously, what’s wrong with us? What’s wrong with us???”

“I was thinking those same things also,” said Welch.

Clark Brooks

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