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Jeff Epstein makes appearance at Tampa Fringe Festival

Epstein Fringe

Making his first appearance since his reported suicide, disgraced sex-criminal billionaire, Jeff Epstein made a surprise entrance during a Tampa Fringe Festival show. The show taking place was “Islands in the Wind” a humorous one woman show about a girl who survived life on a billionaire sex island, a satire aimed at Jeff Epstein’s estate,…

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DeSantis fixes controversial sculpture


Following an incident for which a Tallahassee private school’s principal was forced to resign due to parents complaining that a photo of Michaelangelo’s Renaissance masterpiece sculpture of David being shown to students was “pornographic”, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken it upon himself to remedy the situation for the benefit of all concerned. “There. All…

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Will AI replace or enhance imagination?


Everyone’s pussy’s have been squirting over the new AI art programs. “Are computers going to replace us? Will they take our jobs? Are they more artistic and creative than humans are?” Yes and no. They’re creating based off of what humans have already made. They can only work with what we give them. Like science.…

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Avatar 10 begins filming in Tampa


The 10th installment of James Cameron’s famous Avatar franchise, has begun filming in downtown Tampa. The series, which is the biggest budget movie collection in the history of cinema has chosen Tampa as a location for its future franchise specifically for, “The smell.” “The smell of Tampa is something I want to come through the…

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6 Ways white people can get away with saying the N-word


Play a character Leonardo Dicaprio, Edward Norton, Daniel Radcliffe, and many more of our most beloved white actors have gotten away with saying the N-word by doing it in character. When white people are playing racist characters in movies it’s ok for them to say the N-word.  Write it in a book That book Tom…

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