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Non binary dog saves Italian ice competition

Non Binary Dog

I’m not writing a story for this one. I just like the headline. And I bet the graphic is going to be funny. They always do a good job in graphics. I want to take those guys out for a drink one day if I ever get to meet them. They work in a different part of the building, I’ve never been to. It’s far from my office.

It might just be AI making the graphics at this point I’m not sure.

I’m not actually sure who does or doesn’t work here anymore.

I might be the only one honestly.

Nobody ever came back to the office since Covid.

It’s just been me.

They gave us the option to work from home and everybody did that, but I missed the office so I came back and I’ve been the only one.

It’s pretty funny actually.

I do whatever I want.

The place is spotless and silent it’s like a movie or something.

Ok, anyway, I hope you enjoyed that headline and whatever the graphic next to it is.

Thank you!

Look forward to the next one.

John Jacobs

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