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Will AI replace or enhance imagination?


Everyone’s pussy’s have been squirting over the new AI art programs. “Are computers going to replace us? Will they take our jobs? Are they more artistic and creative than humans are?” Yes and no. They’re creating based off of what humans have already made. They can only work with what we give them. Like science.…

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Avatar 10 begins filming in Tampa


The 10th installment of James Cameron’s famous Avatar franchise, has begun filming in downtown Tampa. The series, which is the biggest budget movie collection in the history of cinema has chosen Tampa as a location for its future franchise specifically for, “The smell.” “The smell of Tampa is something I want to come through the…

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6 Ways white people can get away with saying the N-word


Play a character Leonardo Dicaprio, Edward Norton, Daniel Radcliffe, and many more of our most beloved white actors have gotten away with saying the N-word by doing it in character. When white people are playing racist characters in movies it’s ok for them to say the N-word.  Write it in a book That book Tom…

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Ybor’s Best Halloween Costumes of 2022

Ybor's Best

Another Halloween has come and gone and as usual, Ybor City was the place to see and be seen as far as costumes go. Here are the Top Five Halloween Costumes on display in Ybor City in 2022! Number 5: People Who Will Probably Let You In The Back Door On The First Date Number…

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Tampa International Airport art installation wins Best of the Bay award

Hill Sculpture

Tampa International Airport is acclaimed throughout the world for simply being an excellent airport, but now they’ve added an accolade for their contribution to the world of public art; a 2022 Creative Loafing Best of the Bay award! Originally chosen as a Creative Loafing staff choice award under the whimsical category, “BEST BIG BIRD”, the…

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Tom Hiddleston to headline Okechobee Festival

Hiddleston Okechobee

Tom Hiddleston, the famous actor popular for his role as Loki in the Marvel universe, has signed on to headline the upcoming Okechobee festival. While it’s not clear exactly what his act will consist of, rumors are that he will be DJing. The rumors began after Hiddleston uploaded a video of himself using turntables during…

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Did you catch this Tampa reference in Bridgerton?


Tampa was mentioned in an episode of Bridgerton and it’s driving Tampa residents wild. In episode 6 of Bridgerton’s 2nd season, A conversation takes place between Queen Elm and Billy Bridgerton in the royal castle. During the chat, at one point the queen gets heated and tells Billy to leave the quarters to which he…

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Simon Cowell judges Strawberry Festival pig race

Cowell Pigs

America’s Got Talent judge, Simon Cowell, guest judged a Strawberry Festival pig race this year, leaving audiences thoroughly entertained. His appearance came as a surprise as it was not announced on the schedule, he just happened to be visiting the festival with his daughter and decided to lend his services to the pig race that…

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