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Tom Hiddleston to headline Okechobee Festival

Hiddleston Okechobee

Tom Hiddleston, the famous actor popular for his role as Loki in the Marvel universe, has signed on to headline the upcoming Okechobee festival. While it’s not clear exactly what his act will consist of, rumors are that he will be DJing. The rumors began after Hiddleston uploaded a video of himself using turntables during…

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Did you catch this Tampa reference in Bridgerton?


Tampa was mentioned in an episode of Bridgerton and it’s driving Tampa residents wild. In episode 6 of Bridgerton’s 2nd season, A conversation takes place between Queen Elm and Billy Bridgerton in the royal castle. During the chat, at one point the queen gets heated and tells Billy to leave the quarters to which he…

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Simon Cowell judges Strawberry Festival pig race

Cowell Pigs

America’s Got Talent judge, Simon Cowell, guest judged a Strawberry Festival pig race this year, leaving audiences thoroughly entertained. His appearance came as a surprise as it was not announced on the schedule, he just happened to be visiting the festival with his daughter and decided to lend his services to the pig race that…

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Nazi Yoga ends in fist fight

Nazi Yoga

The first night of Nazi Yoga at Zeitgeist Brewing in Brandon ended shortly after it began when a group of people showed up and began attacking everyone taking place in class. “Nazi Yoga” which was, in theory, a Nazi-themed yoga class, which focused on poses including the famous Sieg Heil, made famous by the German…

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St. Pete kava bar decides to not have an open mic

Kava Bar

Kava Krafters – a newly opened kava bar in downtown St. Petersburg — has baffled and perplexed locals by deciding it will NOT be having a weekly open mic.  For our readers who don’t know about kava: the bitter drink is made from the ground roots of Piper methysticum, a plant native to the South…

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Local comedian quits after 14 years


Jon Jacobs, a stand up comedian that has been performing in the Tampa Bay Area for over one and a half decades is calling it quits.  “It’s just not working out for me.” Jacobs said, smoking on a very low cigarette he picked up off the ground. “Nothings worked out for me, I’m not getting…

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Stoned teenager disrupts group’s paint party

Paint Party

A group of friends in South Tampa had their annual holiday gathering at Painting With A Twist interrupted by a teenager under the influence of some illicit substance. “He ruined it”, said Carol Kern, one of the group’s participants. “We look forward to this every year and this uninvited bozo just shows up and wrecks…

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Child star cancels himself ahead of record deal

Self Cancelled

Dunstin Banks, a guitar prodigy out of Riverview, Florida, has cancelled himself ahead of a major record deal he was about to receive. Banks, a 12-year-old musician who’s been a virtuoso in numerous instruments since the age of 4, had been discovered after every single one of his Tik Tok videos received over 100 million…

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