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Clearwater man who spent most of the last year unemployed super-psyched for three-day weekend

Three Day Weekend

Brent Mleeb of Clearwater is really looking forward to the extended Memorial Day weekend.

“Ugh, I have just been grinding so damn hard”, he said. “I need to cut loose, relax and party. It’s long overdue!”

Mleeb, who was furloughed from his job at a call center located in a Clearwater office park last June due to economic downturns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, has been working four days a week at his new job at a call center in a different office park about four miles away for almost a month.

“Yeah man, in a way, the pandemic was a good thing for me”, he said. “I needed a career change. And by that, I mean changing the place where I do my career.”

“It’s good to be back at it; you can only binge ‘The Boys’ so many times before it starts to get old”, he added. “But I really value my leisure time too. It’s about work/life balance, you know? This weekend is just what I need and it’s going to be epic!!”

“In fact, I might blow out of here early and get the party started pronto. I really wanna see that one where Maeve, Starlight and the Asian chick beat the shit out of Stormfront again.”

Clark Brooks

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