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How to lie to Someone’s Face

There comes a time in every person’s life when they have to either be honest with someone and tell them the truth, even if it’s going to hurt them.  With these tips, you won’t have to worry about hurting them or being honest. 

5.  Talk to them as if they were a child

Children don’t deserve the truth, that is why we tell them to eat their vegetables and to believe in Santa.  When you talk to an adult, they can see through many of the lies we feed children.  When you want to lie to an adult, pretend they are a child and don’t explain the lie, let them fill it in with their imaginations.

4. Tell the Truth (and act annoyed that they figured out)

You can admit hurtful things to anyone if you say it with a sarcastic tone that makes them question whether you are telling the truth or not. When they press you to know if you are telling the truth, lash out and pretend you are the true victim getting hurt while still maintaining that the truth doesn’t matter anymore. 

3. Say “I Don’t Know, What Do You Think?”

Tell the truth and then say, “Do you think this is true? Because this sounds like a lie to me.” Put the lie on them, because you’re special and you don’t deserve to be bogged down by such negativity.   

2. Call them Crazy (Gaslight them)

You can tell the truth and then call them crazy for believing such a wild thing you just did. It won’t backfire at all.

1. Get them blackout drunk

Drunk people will generally forget everything you say to them, especially when they wake up after blacking out.  If you need to lie to someone, do it while y’all are having a good time, and in the morning just help them nurse their hangover.

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