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Incompetent amateur sleuth turns out to be far worse grief counselor

In light of tragic breaking news that authorities have announced that they had found human remains in Wyoming consistent with a description of missing Florida woman Gabrielle Petito, a Tampa woman’s advice on dealing with grief is even worse than her stunningly inept detective skills. 

Amanda Manderson, a self-described “news junkie” has been emphatically declaring for several days on various social media platforms as well as local talk radio programs and in unsolicited public conversations that the search for Petito should be focused on taking place in Canada. “They’ll find her alive and well in Manitoba. If you examine all the evidence as thoroughly as I have, it all points to Lake Winnipeg.”

Following Sunday night’s announcement, she’s shifted to offering advice on how to deal with a sudden, tragic loss of life and has taken to the various platforms at her disposal to share her wisdom on that subject instead.

“This is actually GOOD news! It is! Because now her family doesn’t have to worry about her anymore. See? They can finally be at peace. They must be so relieved!”

Friends and associates of Manderson wish she would abandon her various amateur pursuits and turn pro at shutting the fuck up.

Clark Brooks

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