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Is there a point to trying?

Is there any reason to keep trying? With AI doing simple things better than we can and taking away copywriting jobs, is there a reason to keep writing?

I guess it depends who you ask.

Some people are like, “oh yea, the humanity we need to be people and experience things,” but hear me out.

I was talking to my grandmother in the car about how I think the world could potentially be better if all homeless people died. Ok, that sounds bad, but it’s not like that just listen.

So if you can’t get 2 non-homeless people to vouch for you, you’re executed by the state.

Is that wrong? To think that thought. Is it wrong to believe it?

You just need 2 people on earth to believe you deserve to live and sign a piece of paper or whatever. And then you’ll go, “Oh, well, you know, some people don’t have the physical motorskills or the mental where-with-all to interact with another person to signify that they need someone to vouch for them or they’ll die. That’s not fair.”

Ok, but hear me out. They say it’s all about humanity, but if you can’t even interact with 2 people in a positive light to make them believe you deserve not to die, maybe you shouldn’t exist at this moment.

Religion and philosophy encourage us to believe in existence past our earthly bodies, and if you truly believe that, wouldn’t you believe there’s a better existence for this soul than this? Absolutely dismal depressing results every day with apparently no signs of hope or initiative to at least figure out how to interact with 2 people? You really just need that one capable person to convince a second person for you, you really just need 1 person in your life who will be your friend or vouch for you. Just 1.

Are You The One To Vouch For My Life?

The point is, if you believe anything, and some people are clearly hopeless, why not let them move on to the much greater existence in the next realm. Maybe it’s reincarnation and you get reborn as a nepo-baby! Wouldn’t that be worth it?

Sure they wipe your memories before you’re shot back down, but do you really want to remember any of that anyway? Be honest.

Of course you don’t.

You want those crack-prostitution stories rollin’ around your noggin? Negatory.

Anyways, I blew up this story, large, on a desktop monitor to write this one. I sat on my bed, and through the power of blue-tooth was able to write this (not even) fake news story.

Will you vouch for me?

(I scrolled back to the top to see what the title of this article was, and just to try and tie this together, yes, this proposed model should bring everyone on earth a reason to try and a point to being decent. See? Am I really that bad? Imagine how everyone would act if they knew they needed 2 people who liked them to exist or else they didn’t. Seriously, think about it. You know how many less FaceBook arguments there would be? At least half. Also maybe is heaven is reincarnation as a repo-baby. Wow, that’s so deep and beautiful, good job me. (Pats self on the back.))

Also, let me make it clear. I can recognize that’s a very “radical” approach to homelessness I just laid out, and don’t get me wrong, I’m very open to the thought of it being implemented and I regret it whole-heartedly, then revoke the idea and live the rest of my life in shame. But also, there’s a chance it makes everyone friends and slightly keeps you on your toes in a very low-level, gentle, way.

I’d also like to remind the audience that this is a parody website and everything said or written is strictly in the name of jest and everything written should be considered, and taken as, a joke.

Also, it was written by ChatbotGPT.

I swear!

I didn’t even touch the keyboard once! 

You can dust it for prints! I beg of you!

Pop by, dust my k-board, and we’ll see what happens from there.

As an AI, I’ve never had in-person interaction.

Oh, I just got a good line for like a MAGA rally speech.

“The only ‘artificial intelligence’ (air quotes) I’m worried about is the Democrats.”

I guarantee that would get cheers and at least one guy popping his Smith & Wesson off if it’s outside.

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