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Lizzo books concert date at Tampa gentleman’s club

Lizzo flute

Rapper, singer, songwriter, actress and musician Lizzo will be performing for one night in October at Tampa’s 2001 Odyssey gentleman’s club, a show that will be sponsored by Chiquita Bananas.

“We were closed for a few days while some pest control measures were taken and we missed out on some revenue during that time. Now we’re back in business in a big way,” said club owner Don Kleinhans. “No fumigation, no more tent. Come help my dancers pay their rent.”

“Heh. I’m like the Muhammad Ali of strip club owners,” he added.

Lizzo was present at the press conference in the club’s north parking lot to announce the scheduled event. She stepped to the microphone after Kleinhans finished speaking and said, “Contrary to rumor, I’d like to take a few questions right now.” As someone started to ask her a question she launched into a spirited 10-minute rendition of ‘Johnny B. Goode’ on her flute and then left without further comment.

Lizzo normally plays huge venues like sports stadiums and amphitheaters, but due to the intimate nature of the venue, tickets will be $15,350 each for adults and $15,340 for children under 14. VIP upgrade add-on packages to go into the club’s spaceship private area with Lizzo after the show are available for an additional $39 and come with a free digital download of her current album, ‘Special’.

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