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Local brewery introduces new craft beer

New Beer

Moosefart Brewing Works in Seminole Heights is launching their latest craft beer, which they believe will revolutionize the craft brewing scene in Tampa Bay, and possibly how the entire world enjoys beer.

“Of all the things that people love about beer, eventually it all comes down to taste,” said Dave Freep, a managing partner at Moosefart. “Does it taste good? Do people enjoy drinking it? And everybody who brews beer has that in mind when they craft a new brew.”

He continued, “The trend in recent years has been towards fruity flavors. Oranges, mango, raspberry, plums, guava, peach, blueberry. Also less traditional flavors you might not ever associate with beer. For instance, our Fried Shrimp Pale Wheat Ale and Butterscotch Radish Hazy IPA are our two biggest sellers.

“That’s what makes the new flavor we’re rolling out this week so unique,” he said excitedly. “It tastes like beer!”

“It tasted like shit, bitter and kind of sour, just like I remembered from the first time I ever tried beer. I was 7 and my dad made me drink some so I would get sick and he and his bowling buddies could laugh at me,” Customer Randy Leavenworth, who got to sample the new beer at a tasting event held last week, said. “I love it! It’s my new favorite!”

“The secret is we created a composite extract from Budweiser, Miller High Life, ‘Nati Lite, Busch and a few other cheap domestics,”, said Freep. “When it comes to fruit flavors, most recipes call for 4 oz. in a 5-gallon batch, but we add 16 oz. of that toxic stew to our kegs… and you can tell!”

“That beer beer really packs a wallop,” said Patricia Keybump, another customer who got to sample it. “The first mouthful made me puke and by the time I finished the 8 oz. glass, I felt like lying on the floor and falling asleep. That’s how you know it’s really good beer!”

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