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Rick Scott endorses high speed rail on the moon


Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) who killed a major publically-financed high-speed rail project in his first year in office as Florida’s governor, only to later personally invest in a credit fund run by the parent company of All Aboard Florida, who is building the Brightline line from Miami to Orlando, but has expressed interest in extending it to Tampa, has advocated for high speed rail service on Earth’s moon.

“Well, just one of them to start”, he said, chuckling. “We can move on to the rest of the other moons after that. But choo-choo, baby!”

“The route will go from Moonbase Alpha, because that’s A, to Moonbase Balpha, or B, then to Moonbase Catta and Moonbase Dogga, etc. etc. through the whole alphabet of Moonbases”, he explained. “And then of course will return, D, B, A and C or whatever.”

“I was in the Navy!”, he added, gleefully, for some reason.

When asked why he rejected $2.4 billion the federal government offered the state to build a high-speed rail line to Tampa as governor in 2011, he said that particular project championed by President Barack Obama was “too risky”.

“Unlike All Aboard Florida and now All Aboard Mars, which are both exciting opportunities. Coincidentally, I just happen to have significant financial stakes in both of those which is what makes those opportunities so exciting!”

Asked if he meant the moon and not Mars, he said, “Yeah, sure, whatever.”

Clark Brooks

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