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Ron DeSantis Caught Judging Child Drag Contest


During a campaign stop in Eastern West Virginia, Ron DeSantis took some time off to judge a child drag contest.

“I was invited by an old friend who promised a lot of money to my presidential campaign,” said DeSantis while holding an ice cream cone. “It was a fun time, I just want to say, I love watching kids drag race.”

DeSantis then stuck two fingers into the ice cream and scooped a little bit into his mouth, getting ice cream all over his face.

“When they asked me if I wanted to be a judge at the child drag contest, I thought, just let whoever comes in first place win, so I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be judging,” said DeSantis. Who continued to hold the ice cream cone away from himself and refused to eat it correctly.

“I got to the venue, the kids weren’t drag racing in cars like I thought they would. They were little boys in dresses doing songs and dancing,” continued DeSantis. He then began sucking on his fingers to get all the ice cream off.

“The MC called me up on stage and this is my first time in Eastern West Virginia and I thought it would get me a couple of votes to seem tolerant about their culture,” DeSantis then tossed the ice cream cone onto the floor and began wiping his face with the sleeve of his shirt.

“I thanked them, walked up on stage, and said that when I become president, this show will be shut down and everyone in this building will be arrested and serve heavy prison time.” DeSantis then looked at his watch. “After a few hours of watching the performances, I thought Vix Aura did a fantastic job lip-synching to Madonna’s “Candy Perfume Girl” from her trip-hop album.”

DeSantis had a great time and hopes to continue building support for his presidential campaign.  

Josh Santos

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