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Ron DeSantis demonstrates gun safety by putting gun in his mouth

With the new conceal carry law coming into effect in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis demonstrated how safe guns are by putting the barrel of a handgun into his mouth during a press conference.

“All the liberal woke lefties are causing a commotion about the new conceal carry law giving all Florida citizens the right to carry a firearm on them at all times, but there’s nothing to worry about, and to prove how safe guns are, I will put the business end of this pistol into my mouth.” DeSantis said to the crowd before placing the gun into his mouth.

“See?” DeSantis said, slightly stifled by the gun in his mouth.

“Safe as ever.” DeSantis continued, before removing the gun from his mouth, which then misfired and shot a hole through the wall of the government building the press conference was taking place.

Someone screamed from the other room after the gun was fired, but DeSantis assistant quickly interrupted the conference and told the press core that the conference was over.

DeSantis then slipped on his way out of the room, causing his trousers to fall down, revealing that he was wearing an adult-sized diaper.

“I’m only wearing this because I ate too much pudding today, and when I eat too much pudding, sometimes I soil my pants. It’s really not a big deal. Grow up guys.” DeSantis preemptively scolded the crowd before they could question his diaper.

DeSantis exited the building and then was helped onto a unicycle which he rode down the middle of the road, back to his home.

He did not address why he was riding a unicycle instead of being chauffeured back to his home, but the rumor is that he’s trying to do everything he can to get attention ahead of the next Presidential election.

Also, the unicycle was made of guns that were fashioned together with twine. It was very impressive and copycat gun-unicycles have begin popping up online for sale.

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