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Tampa Man Celebrates 1000th Day of Driving Uninsured Without Getting Pulled Over

Uninsured Driver

After refusing to pay for his car insurance over three years ago, Davling Lickyrs has gone on to drive every day without getting pulled over or getting into an accident.

“It’s all about driving smart,” said Lickyrs who is known for his aggressive, fast, no-blinker driving. “If it looks like you know where you’re going, the police won’t mess with you.”

Lickyrs is known around his neighborhood for driving an old, beat-up pick-up truck that is very loud and can spew black smoke with the touch of a button.

“I tricked this baby out to help speed-up global warming,” said Lickyrs after spitting out his chewing tobacco. He then asked me to help unload his dirt bikes.

“You wanna take one for a spin?” He asked me.

We drove the incredibly loud dirt bikes around his neighborhood. 

“Are these registered?” I asked him.

“Quit being a bitch.” He said to me, and then he popped a wheelie.

After destroying a couple of lawns, we were running low on gas and decided to stop by the gas station.  The sun was about to set, but it was still light out. 

While filling up the dirt bikes with gasoline directly at the pump, we watched as a police officer began harassing a bicyclist for not having lights.

The bicyclist was fined $50 for not having lights. Lickyrs stared at the police before lighting a cigarette at the gas pump, we then hopped on the dirt bikes and took off down the road.

The penalty for driving without insurance includes a license suspension for up to three years, but Lickyrs is unperturbed.

“They can try to suspend my license,” he said before cracking open a Bud Light. “I don’t even have one of those.”

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