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Brooksville changes its name


The city of Brooksville in Hernando County, originally named after a pro-slavery to the point of being physically violent South Carolina senator named Preston Brooks, has decided to change its name to Gosarville, in honor of anti-immigrant to the point of pretending to be physically violent Arizona congressman Paul Gosar. “For years, people – mostly…

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New Local Business Spotlight: We Don’t Know

ChampaBay Sports

Here at Tampa News Force, we love to poke fun at various local institutions, but ultimately we love the Tampa Bay Area and want nothing but unqualified success for everyone who lives in and does business in the various communities that make up this vibrant and diverse region. Except Brooksville, of course. Brooksville sucks and…

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Brooksville praises re-naming of Cleveland baseball team

Brooksville Mayor Pat Brayton

Following the announcement that Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team has decided to change it’s name from the Indians to the Guardians, the move received a surprising endorsement from the city of Brooksville, Florida. “We here in Brooksville wholeheartedly support this decision by the Cleveland baseball team. Sure, it’s the end of a tradition but let’s…

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Racists claim victory in Tampa Bay Lightning line-up “failure”

Lightning Black Line

For the first time in the 104-year history of the NHL, a forward line consisting of all black players started a game when the Tampa Bay Lightning sent out Daniel Walcott, Gemel Smith and Mathieu Joseph to begin Monday night’s tilt against the Florida Panthers in Sunrise, a game the Lightning lost 4-0. “Welp, I guess that settles…

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Brooksville doctor establishes link between diabetes and racism

Dr. Gladswine

A general practitioner in Brooksville has proven that there is a direct link between diabetes and racism. The theory of the two conditions possibly being related came to light last week when a high school basketball broadcaster in Oklahoma referred to the Norman High School girls basketball team kneeling during the national anthem prior to…

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CPAC stage sold to Brooksville man

CPAC 2021 stage

The stage used at the recently concluded Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Orlando has been purchased by a man in Brooksville. “I’m thrilled to add such a beautiful and important piece to my collection”, said Vern Luger. “It is very pretty.” The stage’s design, featuring a diamond shape with…

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Brooksville residents line up to view Limbaugh mic

Residents of the Hernando County town named after one of America’s greatest racists began lining up to see the now-historic artifact early this morning. The queue stretched past the Florida Cracker Trading Company all the way to the Hernando Heritage Museum, which, surprisingly, is not the same thing as the Florida Cracker Trading Company.

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