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Giant rat that looks like Tucker Carlson born at Busch Gardens

Tucker Rat

Officials at Busch Gardens in Tampa have announced that a giant rat that looks like Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson was born recently at the theme park/zoological attraction’s nursery. “We noticed there was something seriously wrong with the hideous mutation almost immediately, but it was made apparent when the creature’s own mother rejected it,” said…

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Cougars Find New Loophole


The cougar exhibit at Busch Gardens has some exciting new curious cats that have recently found a new loophole in their habitat. “We installed climbing ropes in the containment enclosure to simulate the type of climbing cougars find in the wild,” said Busch Gardens’ head of cougar rehabilitation, McDanish Brekfestret.  “Instead of using the ropes,…

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Hacker changes Tampa amusement park’s name to “Busch Fartens”

Busch Gardens Sign changed to say Busch Fartens

In what has been referred to as an extremely juvenile cyber prank, Tampa’s Busch Gardens amusement park has been re-named “Busch Fartens”.  “This wouldn’t be a big deal if it was just some dumb teenager hacking our system and changing the logo on our web site,” says park spokesperson Ann Hizer. “But they actually went…

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Park goers demand refund after love bug fiasco

Love bugs ruin park goers trip to Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens – Tampa – Saturday, 5.18.19 Hundreds have lined up to receive full cash refunds from Busch Gardens after what’s being called a “love bug fiasco.” Thousands of love bugs descended on the amusement park Wednesday, causing meltdowns from numerous guests evolving into full on breakdowns for dozens of families. “It was awful,” said…

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Busch Gardens to allow CBD, Bongs and other Drug Paraphernalia

Busch Gardens to allow CBD and other Drugs, paraphernalia

Busch Gardens – Hillsborough County – Thursday, 5.9.2019 To capitalize on the old woman being arrested at Disney for carrying CBD oil for her arthritis, Busch Gardens has announced it will allow all forms of CBD in the park. Along with the new rules, guests will be permitted to bring any ‘bongs’ or ‘drug paraphernalia’…

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