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Man famous for cancelling people gets cancelled


Donovan Menendez “Canny” Cancelero, a 45-year-old dog breeder who rose to fame by publicly cancelling people on his Etsy page has been cancelled himself after word got out that he’s a necrophiliac of animals. “Donovan cancelled me for leaving an 8% tip on my Steak-N-Shake meal, so to get back at him I did a…

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Top Five People You Can Still Make Fun Of


Last week, the entire world witnessed an altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Academy Awards presentation ceremony after Rock made a joke at the expense of Smith’s wife Jada, who suffers from alopecia areata. This has resulted in significant increases in two specific areas:1) People Googling “alopecia areata” 2) People suddenly worrying that being…

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Quiz: How cancel-able are you?


If it seems like every single one of us is just one dumb remark from getting “cancelled”, there’s a very simple and logical explanation for that: WE ARE!! NONE OF US ARE SAFE!!! You can’t say anything anymore! GOD!! Not only that, you can’t even have said things 20 years ago when you could say…

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Tampa man says new Victoria’s Secret Angels are not up-to-par

No More Angels

Mark McFulmph of Tampa is really disappointed with the re-branding of lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret’s image. “These aren’t Angels. They’re like the opposite of angels, whatever that is,” he said. “Demons, I guess. Unsexy demons.” The company announced last Wednesday that it was abandoning their “Angels” campaign, which featured fashion models who wore the brand’s…

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Dunedin theatre company casts summer show


“We are thrilled to welcome two new, supremely-talented performers to the GLMBDT family, both of whom moved here specifically to star in our big summer show!”, said Glen Hibley, artistic director for the venerable, local performing arts/all-you-can-eat crab legs buffet institution.

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