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Car thief attempts to elude cops by hiding in wood chipper

Wood chipper

Clayton Plateler of Tampa has been arrested after his attempt to hide from Tampa Police Department officers in a wood chipper failed miserably. Police were called to the Mayflower Motel on North Florida Avenue where Plateler had been spotted breaking car windows and stealing radios. When officers arrived on scene, he tried to escape by…

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True Crime fans lament ending of popular local story

Crime Scene

Tampa Bay Area followers of the Gabby Petito Story are upset and disappointed with what appears to be the story’s final chapter. “Easily the worst ending since ‘Dexter‘”, said Connie Leewurst of St. Petersburg. “The villain is just… dead, I guess? Lame!” “As much time and emotion as we all invested in this saga and…

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Former celebs infest Tampa Bay Area to investigate crimes


Following the lead of formerly-briefly-relevant “reality TV star” and currently-active attention whore Dog the Bounty Hunter, who showed up at the home of homicide suspect Brian Laundrie in North Port Saturday, a glut of B, C and D-list “celebrities” have shown up in the Tampa Bay Area in an effort to find a second shot…

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