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Hillsborough County Schools announces plan to reduce school lunch debt

School Bouncer

Under intense pressure from a growing student population and a shrinking budget, Hillsborough County Schools announced today that they are launching a district wide plan to lower and possibly eliminate school lunch debt. Many citizens of Hillsborough county have expressed concerns about this affecting their students lunch benefits. I sat down with Hillsborough County Schools…

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Publix to Sub-sidize Public Schools in Florida

Publix will now sponsor all free lunch school programs in Florida

As part of a new sub promotion by the Lakeland-based grocery chain, Publix has pledged to support every public school in Florida free lunch for the next two years. “We waste so much food every day at all of our grocery stores,” said Publix Director of Finances, Susie Jonas.  “To detract people from dumpster diving,…

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