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Tampa News Force publishes fucking profanity in headline

Earlier today, as in just a second ago, local news media outlet (the best one really, if we’re being honest), Tampa News Force published an article (this one) with an obscene word displayed prominently in the headline. “An explicit headline was recently attached to an article about attaching an explicit headline to an article. We…

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Fucking Piss Shit Cock Cunt Assholes, God Dammit

Fuck You

Shit fuck cock balls and dick hole torture, the God Damn shit fuck motherfucking shit piss. “Bitch fucking, dick stick sucking,” said Cunty McBitchFuck. “Cunts! Cunts on a God Damn toilet bowl overflowing with shit.” McBitchFuck paused for a second and then added, “Fucking shit, piss on shit cock cunt.” Shitty fuck fuck shit, shit…

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