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Hurricane winds pulled over for breaking speed limit

“This headline is funny but the storm is already over.” Said John to himself in his head. “I could have written it at the time, in the moment of the storm, but I wasn’t creatively motivated.” The voice continued. “I need to be feeling creative and be in a good physical and mental headspace before…

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Hurricane Tips for New Tampa Residents

Tampa Bay has experienced record growth in both population and cost of living this year. In light of that, here are some wonderful tips for the newcomers and carpetbaggers occupying Free Tampa. Do Not Evacuate. If you do evacuate, Hurricane Santa won’t bring you any guns. It’s just wind. Take a brisk stroll outside, or…

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Hurricane party hit by tornado

Hurricane Party hit by tornado

A hurricane party in Pinellas Park ended abruptly when a tornado ripped through the house, causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage. Frank “Rico” Turner is the owner of the house hit by the cyclone, and was proud to be host of a party that got hit by a Tornado. “We were celebrating the fact…

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