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City of Tampa robbed while visiting City of Tampa

Tampa, Kansas

The City of Tampa, Florida, recently hosted the entire City of Tampa, Kansas, all 100 or so residents, for a tour of their namesake city, during which the residents of Tampa, Kansas, were robbed of the City of Tampa, Kansas. “They took EVERYTHING! The post office, all the houses, the Santa Fe Trail Café, the…

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Homeless Shelter Concert Venue Proposed for Tampa Riverwalk

Homeless Concert Venue

Tampa’s Riverwalk is currently undergoing its biggest transformation, with numerous projects currently blocking pedestrians from enjoying it. “Everyone loves Riverwalk, and in a few years, I think people are going to love it even more.” Said Tampa City Planner, Morgan Tsipar. As part of the master plan, Riverwalk’s Curtis Hixon Park will feature a first-of-its-kind…

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Man claiming to be Jesus attempts the Riverwalk

Man Claiming to Be Jesus Attempts the Riverwalk

Behind the Tampa Museum of Art, a crowd had gathered to watch a possible miracle. A man who was convinced he was the second coming of Jesus Christ was going to attempt to walk on the Hillsborough River. Prior to the attempt, representatives from the city of Tampa assembled to make a formal statement. “Even…

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Tampa Builds Invisible Water Bridge Connecting Riverwalk to Julian B Lane

Downtown Tampa – Hillsborough County – Monday 4.1.2019 Local leaders today celebrated the completion of a walkable bridge connecting Riverwalk to the new Julian B. Lane park that is having pedestrians do a double take. Thanks to new technology, engineers have constructed a nearly invisible bridge that gives the illusion of guests walking on water.…

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