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The Rock offers Vipers back to Tampa Bay

Vegas TB Vipers

XFL League Owner Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with the full, enthusiastic backing of the City of Las Vegas, Nevada, has offered the league’s team franchise known as the Vipers back to the Tampa Bay region where it originated in 2020. “Here. You guys want this?” he queried. “You can have it.” “Yes, absolutely. It’s yours…

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Diehard Vipers fan just found out team no longer exists

Tyler Gertle, a self-described “superfan” of the XFL’s Tampa Bay Vipers has just become aware that his favorite team doesn’t even exist anymore. “I was at Applebees Saturday night and there was some football game on, between teams representing Houston and Orlando. I was like, ‘oh, Orlando has a new lower tier, bush league football…

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Vipers caught playing football in Raymond James

Viper Night

The Tampa Bay Vipers, a currently retired XFL team, were caught playing a game of football in their old home location of Raymond James Stadium at 3 am this morning, when a security guard on his rounds stumbled upon the event. “They were all up and playing a full-on game of football with each other…

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’76 Buccaneers preparing to celebrate Vipers first win

Bad football

Much like members of the 1972 Miami Dolphins, who went 14-0 and beat the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII to become the only modern day NFL team to go undefeated in the regular season and win a championship, members of the 1976 Tampa Buccaneers are proud of their legacy, losing their first 26 games…

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Tampa Bay Vipers Home Opener Guide

Viper Vision - Tampa Bay Vipers Unofficial News Coverage Provider

After a disappointing 0-2 start to the inaugural XFL season, the Tampa Bay Vipers have not given up hope of being the first XFL team to have a perfect losing record. “We are trying to get a solid 0-10 record this year,” said head coach Marc Tressman, “I hate scoring touchdowns.” Tampa Bay Vipers fans…

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Tampa Bay Vipers sponsor snake orgy


“Typically, a fan fest consists of opportunities to meet the players, take pictures, get autographs and buy tickets and merchandise. I thought, ‘if we can’t do that, what’s the next best thing?’ and the answer is obvious: a bunch of snakes having sex!”

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Vipers season cancelled before it starts

Tampa Bay Vipers prepare jock jams playlist

The front office of the Tampa XFL team has released a statement claiming that the upcoming season for the Tampa Bay Vipers has been cancelled before it even started.  “Due to the underwhelming response from the community regarding our Florida branch of extreme football, we will be cancelling our participation in this calendar years’ XFL…

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Vipers action figure actually recycled Chinese toy

Tampa bay Vipers have a new toy hitting the shelves

The Vipers new action figure debuted alongside the uniform reveal, however upon slight inspection, it was determined that the Vipers action figures were actually recycled Chinese fast-food toys, which came alongside a “Hong-sai” Burger as part of the Komomora meal sold at select Shanghai Komomora Burger locations.  The original action figure was named, “Lǜsè Qiáng…

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