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Tampa Elementary School Hires Ja Morant


The controversial, yet highly skilled basketball player, Ja Morant has accepted a position with Middleton Elementary School to teach physical education during his NBA suspension.

“I’m excited to work at a place that doesn’t care about me wielding a gun on Instagram Live,” said Morant.  “The Hillsborough County Superintendent actively encouraged me to bring a gun to work for self-defense.”

While Morant was hired temporarily to assist with the ongoing teacher shortage in Florida, he hopes to establish a permanent residence in Tampa.

“I love this city, the only thing it’s missing is a basketball team.” Said Morant who took out his gun and started dancing with it. “This city needs basketball. Orlando is trash and if it were up to me, we would move the Orlando Magic to Tampa.”

Morant then pulled out a giant tri-fold presentation board with his pitch to move the Orlando Magic to Tampa.

“The Tampa Bolitas. Named after the illegal lotteries from the 1920s in Ybor City.” Said Morant. “I’ve been doing my research and I’m teaching my students how to play this mafia-controlled lottery game as part of my physical education curriculum.”

After his presentation, Morant jumped into his friend’s car and they took off to joy ride around town.

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