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Tampa man returns to work to find disgusting ‘fridge


Roy McMallard, an employee with International Product Distribution, Inc., in Tampa returned to work in the company’s offices for the first time since March of 2020 and was disgusted by the state of the breakroom’s refrigerator.

“I’ve been working from home since COVID hit back in 2020 and that was pretty great, but there are aspects of being in the office that I have missed for sure,” he said. “For instance, it was nice to see so many people I’ve only been able to interact with via Zoom.”

“What wasn’t nice was seeing the state of the fridge in the break room,” he said, shuddering.

Nobody has been in the office since the day McMallard and his co-workers were informed that they would be working from home. As a result, everything that was in the refrigerator then is still in there.

“The yogurt and granola bar I left in there then is still in there, but obviously I’m not touching it. The smell alone from just opening the door is overwhelming. I’m not sure I can work under these conditions.”

“Oh my God, there’s a jar of mayonnaise in there that was expired long before COVID hit!” he said. “How?? How is that still in there?!?”

“I guess I assumed that somebody would have cleaned it out. Essential workers like the janitorial staff,” he said, acknowledging any level of importance regarding the janitorial staff for the first time ever. “I assumed they’d be around to do stuff like that.”

“Yeah, we were around,” said a nameless, faceless member of the janitorial staff. “We did deep cleaning and general maintenance around the building. Did we clean up after the slobs who made that fridge a mess before COVID hit? No, we did not. Why? Because we’re not their mothers.”

Clark Brooks

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