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Best Things Laced with Fentanyl in Tampa

As drug overdose continues to skyrocket in the community, much of the news has centered about bad things that are laced with fentanyl. The reality is, anything can be laced with fentanyl, and these are probably the best ones.

5. Children’s Toys

Most toys are hollow on the inside, or they have room to store fluff. Not only do toys make a great cover for drug smuggling, they are also great ways to hook kids early to keep them as lifelong customers.

4. Fun Size Candy

The best way to get a large amount of people addicted to your product is to introduce it to a large pool of people.  Fun-size candy can be handed out any time of year and shared as a treat with people of all ages. Laced Fun Size Candy Bars are the easiest way to get someone addicted to Fentanyl.

3. Park Slides

Drugs tend to be found in the places we least expect. One time while my daughter was going down a park slide, someone who had overdosed on fentanyl urinated down the slide. There was so much fentanyl in the urine that my daughter overdosed from going down the slide and coming in contact with the fentanyl urine. I would have also died from coming in contact with the fentanyl urine too, but I’m an absentee father, so I wasn’t there.

2. Cereal

One of the best ways to hook an entire family on fentanyl is to switch out the cereal boxes at the supermarket with pre-laced fentanyl-covered cereal.

1. I-Pads/Tablets/Phones

Everyone is glued to their devices, so the best way to get people hooked on something is to get them hooked on something while they are already hooked on something. The most universal accessory you can sell to someone is a pop socket phone grip with an embedded fentanyl patch.