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Greatest Places in Tampa

Tampa Greatest Places

TIME magazine has declared Tampa as one of the World’s Greatest Places, so today we are counting down what makes Tampa so great. 5. I-275 This highway connects Tampa to all of the greatest places. Every exit on I-275 is an adventure into a magical world in one of the greatest places on Earth. 4.…

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Illuminati begins accepting applications


The worlds most powerful, secret society has begun accepting open applications from anyone in the world who would like to elevate themselves into the uber elite. The statement, which was sent out to every inbox on earth, states “if you have some sort of extreme important value which you believe entitles you to live like…

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Where should I take my mom in Tampa?

Take Mom Out this Mothers Day

Mother’s day is the only day of the year when people pretend to love their moms. Because of this, most places in Tampa will be swarming with families dragging around their family’s matriarch to show them the good time they never had while raising them. If you need some ideas and tips for where to…

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Top Date Nights in Tampa

Top Date Night Ideas in Tampa Bay

5. Explore the Hillsborough River Boasting over 60 miles of explorable waterways running through Tampas most desirable neighborhoods, exploring the Hillsborough river is one of the best things couples can do for fun outside the bedroom in this city. From walking along the world famous Riverwalk, to a stand-up paddle board session or a deep…

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How to Get Hot Chicks in Tampa to Notice You

Hot Chicks in Tampa and How to Like Them

5. Wear a Funny T-Shirt Our ‘Welcome to Grampa Bay shirt’ is the coolest thing you can wear in front of ladies.  It will impress them with your epic taste, and it will let them know that you have a great sense of humor. 4. Work Out Studies show that if you look healthy, more…

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Best Boat Rides in Tampa Bay

Tampa News Force Presents - Best Boat Rides in Tampa Bay

Florida’s endless canals and rivers allow folks to explore the natural beauty of this state. That is why today we are counting down the best boat rides in Tampa Bay 5. Alligator Canoe Ride Renting a canoe from one of Floridas many state parks is the perfect daytime activity for those seeking to connect with…

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How to Start a Militia in Florida

How to Start a Militia

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a lot of guns and want to meet other like-minded individuals to share survival strategies for the upcoming culture war.  Thankfully, we here at Tampa News Force have helped dozens of militias find their bearings and with these helpful tips, you too will be training for the…

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Best Sauce in Tampa

Best Sauce in Tampa

Sauce is one of those ingredients in food that makes it wet.  In the entire history of mankind, sauce has proven to be a cultural driving force that grows, changes, and is adapted as society progresses. We at Tampa News Force love to wet our food, and the sauces on this list will get your…

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Tampa’s Best Hidden Gems

Best Hidden Gems in Tampa Bay

Sprawling over 400 square miles, the Tampa Bay Area is home to a massive trove of undiscovered potential. So today we are counting down the top hidden gems that make this area one of the best places to live in the world. 5. Emeralds Emerald’s Bar in Downtown St. Pete is a wonderful little dive…

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