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Top Date Nights in Tampa

Top Date Night Ideas in Tampa Bay

5. Explore the Hillsborough River

Boasting over 60 miles of explorable waterways running through Tampas most desirable neighborhoods, exploring the Hillsborough river is one of the best things couples can do for fun outside the bedroom in this city. From walking along the world famous Riverwalk, to a stand-up paddle board session or a deep dive into the river to explore it’s depths, this river has it all.

4. Urban Kayaking in Downtown Tampa

For thrill-seekers looking for a unique date night idea, Tampa’s downtown has become a staple for urban kayakers around the world. Strap your water vessel to the back of a car and pretend to paddle down the asphalt river during this exciting date idea inspired by the 90s cartoon ‘Street Sharks’

3. Golf Kart Racing

Underground street racing is dangerous and illegal, the same cannot be said for underground golf kart racing. Cops don’t care about any dangerous modifications you make to a golf cart, making them perfect for racing around the streets of Tampa Bay.

2. Dumpster Diving at Publix

One look inside any Publix will make you question why so many Americans go hungry every night. It would be impossible to sell every single item in that store before things went bad. One look at their dumpsters after closing will make you realize that the secret to ending world hunger is through simple changes to the way we view food. The difference between what you’re paying for and what you can pull out of a dumpster are minimal, once we all stand up to capitalistic slave masters and start taking control of how we live our lives without the burden of work and money, this world will become a better place.

1. Cafe Hey Open Mic

The longest running open mic in Tampa Bay continues to this day, every Monday from 7 PM to 9 PM at Cafe Hey in Downtown Tampa. What started off as a night of music and poetry is now strictly comedy-based. This is the room where every great comedian in Tampa works out their next A+ material, be a part of the process by enjoying a delicious sandwich and beverage while an onslaught of comedians attempt to entertain you in a small cafe dining room. No topic is off-limits, you might be offended by some of the prepared statements from comedians or their lack of preparation. Every couple that sits through this show leaves with a stronger bond and a deeper love that can only be strengthened through experiencing some one else’s trauma together.

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