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DeSantis takes page from Trump playbook, embraces cheap hats

As Ron DeSantis’ 2024 presidential campaign continues to lag well behind frontrunner Donald Trump, the increasingly desperate Florida Governor is adapting tactics practiced by the former President, specifically exploiting the appeal of a shitty hat.

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I hope you didn’t miss this! Ron DeSantis autographed some hats for us to send straight to you to thank you for helping us reach our fundraising goals this month! Our contest is simple: once you’ve entered, every time you donate here before the end of September, you get entered again to win a free hand-signed hat from Governor DeSantis!

Ron DeSantis: FWD: 🚨 Suprise! Ron DeSantis autographed this! | Milled

Trump’s red mall kiosk-quality “MAKE AMERICA GREAT” (or “MAGA”) hats have become an instantly recognizable trademark and the DeSantis campaign is obviously hoping for similar results with their even-shoddier version.

“People bashed the Trump hats because they were made in China, but just wait until they get a look at these,” said DeSantis merchandising manager Julie Faroocht. “They were produced in the South Sudan, a place that makes China look like a Google campus when it comes to human rights violations. And they’re made from a highly toxic, extremely flammable pseudo-plastic without a single trace of anything that could be considered a natural fiber!”

When it was suggested that the concept was not exactly an original idea, Faroocht replied, “Donald Trump didn’t invent hats, you know. They’ve been around for dozens of years. But if it was up to negative Nancy naysayers like you, people couldn’t ever come up with totally new and innovative ideas that reflect the new and innovative vision that Ron DeSantis has for America. Now let’s talk about our baseball cards.”

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