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Sticker company stock crashing as gas prices begin to drop

StickCo, the company that manufactures the Joe Biden “I DID THAT!” stickers has seen their stock prices plummet as gas prices are down more than .30 a gallon at some Tampa Bay Area gas stations.

“This is a disaster! We were doing so well!” said StickCo spokesperson Mary Remilade. “Typically, our clientele is schoolchildren, kids who act out petulantly by defacing property, but the Biden thing really took off for us with adults who believe the President of the United States somehow has a direct impact on global gas prices and want to voice their displeasure by defacing property. Now that those prices are going down, the demand for our stickers is fading fast and our company’s net value is in the toilet.”

“I mean, these are not the kind of people who are going to give Biden credit for anything so they’re never going to put an “I DID THAT” sticker on a gas pump whose price is coming down.”

“We’re stuck right now with millions of these things and they’re worthless,” she said. “Maybe we’ll put one on our warehouse when we’re out of business in a month.”

Clark Brooks

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