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Tampa News Force to launch journalism program at Bishop Sycamore High School

Venerable media outlet and bastion of journalistic integrity Tampa News Force (TNF) has announced the sponsorship of a new journalism program at prestigious Bishop Sycamore High School in Columbus, Ohio. Ricky ‘Rick’ Kwotemark, TNF Director of Educational Outreach said, “It is truly an honor and a privilege to partner with a legitimate academic institution and…

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Dr Seuss Book Saves Child from Stabbing


A Tampa elementary school third grader is safe today after his six copies of recently banned Dr. Seuss books stopped an accidental stabbing from a megachurch pastor during a sermon. “I was trying to prove a point about cancel culture,” said Dennis McWelkins, pastor of Calvary Lake of Second Baptist Creek Community Church. McWelkins is…

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Hillsborough County to monetize school prayer

Schools will now make money from children praying in Florida Schools

As the new praying in schools laws take effect, Hillsborough county is one of the first counties in the country to monetize the programs, having the teachers designate their prayers to a sponsor. “For example, before class begins I will say something like, ‘Alright children, let us now bow our heads for the Best Buy…

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