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Tampa man wishes people would stop talking about homoerotic aspects of Top Gun movies while he’s trying to masturbate to Top Gun movies

Top Gun

Tom Rowrf of Tampa wants people to stop interpreting certain imagery in the Top Gun series of films as homoerotic. “Seriously. Knock it off already. You are ruining this for me,” said Rowrf. “‘Top Gun’ and ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ are not gay and neither am I.” “I masturbate to them because I just really like…

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Tom Cruise Elected Mayor of Clearwater

Tom Cruise hanging out in Downtown Clearwater

After purchasing a majority of the property in Downtown Clearwater, the “church” of Scientology has taken over the local government and installed Tom Cruise as the permanent mayor of the city. “We love this part of Florida because it’s easy to kidnap people and force them to work for us in exchange for a place…

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