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Top Five Economy Lodging Options In Tampa

Motel Fun

Between Governor Ron DeSantis and his DeSciples declaring Disneyworld off limits and people coming here to live and not just visit, tourists are becoming an endangered species in the state of Florida. Add to that an economy ravaged by inflation, and it’s easy to see that the state’s leading industry is in serious trouble. With…

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Former Epstein Island visitors seeking to purchase Pine Key

Island Boys

A consortium of former visitors to Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean islands are seeking to purchase Pine Key, also known as Beer Can Island for what are being described as “recreational and leisure purposes”. Lawyers for Epstein’s estate confirmed that the two islands that belonged to the deceased sex offender and financier – Little St James…

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Tampa dad ruins family’s summer

Mike Mulligan of Tampa has inadvertently ruined what has already been one of the worst summers in recorded history for his family. “I really thought I was doing something good”, he says. “I just don’t understand how it could have turned out so badly.” “I’ll tell you exactly how”, offers his wife Denise. “Mike doesn’t…

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