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Tampa dad introduces new feature to this year’s haunted house

Dad's toilet

The Bartow family presents a haunted house every year that is very popular in their East Tampa neighborhood. This year’s version will include a new feature produced by family patriarch, Glenn.

“I can’t decide whether to call it The Terror Toilet or The Eternal Restroom for Lost Souls,” he said. “It’s a busted bathroom.”

The toilet in the Bartow family bathroom malfunctioned about a week ago when the seal around a gasket ruptured at the same time the fixture became clogged for some unknown reason.

Some reason”, scoffed the family’s daughter Britney. “Dad ate four burritos that night. Not exactly a mystery.”

“The way it will work is when people are exploring the house, if they go in there, I’ll slam the door behind them and it locks from the outside,” said Glenn. “They they’ll have to stay in there for at least 15 minutes before I let them out.”

“Also, it’s going to smell differently horrible every day, so people can come back and have a different experience each time,” he added. “It’s absolutely fiendish!”

“Dad, just fix the toilet,” said his son Tyler.

Clark Brooks

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