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Judge Rules Teslas on Autopilot Can’t Get Speeding Tickets

After receiving a speeding citation for going 80 MPH in a 20 MPH school zone, Delebra Moniotis sued the city of Tampa and was cleared of all wrongdoing because her Tesla was on autopilot.

“I haven’t touched my steering wheel in months,” said Moniotis. “And after paying a hacker to grant my Tesla the secret Elon mode, I am never going back.”

Because of that reasoning, the judge presiding over the case awarded Moniotis with enough money to buy another Tesla. 

“This is a great day for Tesla owners,” said John Morgan of Morgan and Morgan.  “Not only do Tesla owners get the benefit of not paying for fossil fuels at the pump, but they are no longer liable to receive any traffic citations.”

Thanks to the ruling, all Tesla owners will now be able to get away with dangerous driving maneuvers that would normally end in a large fine.

“As long as the person driving the Tesla is white, any infraction can be blamed on the technology powering the full self-driving mode in Tesla vehicles and the police are not allowed to provide .” Said Judge Pitrendo.

The Tampa Police Department has issued a memo to officers about pulling over electric vehicles.

“Those autopilot cars have cameras all around them, so we can’t harass the drivers to the level we want,” said Tampa Police Chief’s Assistant, Dougly Splitzer.

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