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Things in Tampa Worth Dying For

To Die For

Getting to that red light a little faster than the cars around you

Cars are giant, deadly machines, and when you drive them like an asshole you can hurt someone. Calm down and please use a turn signal.

Riding a Bike

Riding a bike is Tampa is incredible and an amazing way to get around, until it’s not.  While Tampa has seen an increase in dedicated protected bike lanes, we are still a deadly city to ride a bike in.

Waiting at a bus stop

Sometimes, people who don’t have a car need an affordable way to get around.  This is all fine until a distracted driver accidentally plows through a bus stop.

Driving the Wrong Way on the Highway

I like when the electronic signs on the highway warn people that there is a wrong way driver, it keeps people you are driving at on their toes when driving the wrong way on the highway for a cheap thrill.

Ordering Pizza from a Window in Ybor

You haven’t lived until you’ve ordered pizza from a window in Ybor while being very drunk at an ungodly hour.  Once you have completed this task, you are allowed to die in peace.

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