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Top 5 Common Household Items THAT CAN KILL YOU

Household killers

The world is a violent and dangerous place. Your life is in danger anytime you venture out into it. Highly contagious diseases, mass shootings, crazy traffic. Most of us experience a huge sense of relief upon arriving home at the end of the day. But that’s a false sense of security; your home is a place that can kill you the most! Read our list of the most potentially lethal things that are liable to be in your home RIGHT NOW so you can reach your true potential with every waking minute of your existence being a ceaseless nightmare of existential dread.

5. Your Toilet

Odds are your home has at least one of these. Well, guess what? Alligators and snakes can climb up through the plumbing and come right in any time they want. They basically have a Sun Pass to access where you sleep and bite you. Also, jellyfish, stingrays and narwhals. Plus, Elvis died on one of these, and without being attacked by a toothsome and/or venomous reptile.

4. AI

We’re talking about Artificial Intelligence, not former NBA superstar Allen Iverson. While Iverson’s crossover was indeed lethal, the worst that he could probably do to you is break your ankles. There’s no way of knowing what Artificial Intelligence is capable of because science still hasn’t figured it completely out. That being said, is it completely impossible that Alexa could tell your Roomba to smother you in your sleep? Unlikely, maybe. But impossible? Think about it.

3. Spiders

Ever think about what’s inside the walls of your home? Well, do it! And just know that there is at least one spider in there. And if there’s one, why wouldn’t there be hundreds? Or even more? Spiders are very intelligent. They’re basically the dolphins of bugs. What if they get bored living inside your walls? Again, think about it.

2. Step-Children

You didn’t “have” these kids but you have them now. They live in your home and you’re obligated to take care of them. Do they appreciate that? Maybe, maybe not. The fact of the matter is that at any time, they can say, “You’re not my real dad/mom!” and they’ll be 100% correct. How deep does that resentment run? Really only one way to find out, and that way could be an attempt to murder you.

1. That Ax-Toting Drifter You Picked Up One Night

Remember that time you were coming home late at night and you saw that guy with an ax hitchhiking? You thought, “Now there’s a poor fella who looks like he could use a break,” so you pulled over, said “What the heck, hop in!” and gave him a ride. Back to your place, where you had a spare room and didn’t see the harm in letting a weary traveler catch some well-deserved rest for one night. The problem is, you got up the next morning and completely forgot all about him. Well, he’s been in there for about three weeks and now he’s hungry and pissed off. What a huge error in judgment on your part! Hopefully, if you survive this, it’s one you won’t make again.

Clark Brooks

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