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Trump begins new job at Mar-a-Lago

Trump at Mar-a-Lago

It appears that former President Donald Trump has found a way to continue residing at Mar-a-Lago, his luxury resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

At least one of Trump’s neighbors has asked town officials to enforce an agreement that prohibits any club members from living there full time.  Trump bought Mar-a-Lago in the mid-1980s and in 1993 asked for the town’s approval to convert it into a private club. The town agreed, but with stipulations that prohibit any member of the club from staying there more than three weeks every year. Trump’s attorney at the time told the Town Council that Trump would not live there and would only use Mar-a-Lago’s guest rooms as a club member.

In a memo to town officials, John Randolph, the town attorney for the city of Palm Beach says that under the zoning code, private clubs may provide living quarters to “bona fide employees.” “Sole proprietors, partners, limited partners, corporate officers and the like” are included in the code’s definition of employees. Referring to Trump, Randolph concludes, “it appears the Zoning Code permits him to reside at the Club.”

As such, Trump has begun working in the resort’s maintenance department, tasked with performing various tasks described as “odd jobs” at the wage rate of $11.50 an hour. His request to be hired for his preferred position of Cabana Boy was rejected on the grounds that he’s “gross” said an employee from the resort’s HR department.

Tampa-based injury attorney Dennis Hernandez, Trump’s current new lawyer replacing John Morgan who resigned recently, said, “If there’s one thing we all know about Donald Trump it’s that he’s all about being compliant, going with the flow, following established rules and not stirring up any trouble for other people.”

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