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Best Sauce in Tampa

Best Sauce in Tampa

Sauce is one of those ingredients in food that makes it wet.  In the entire history of mankind, sauce has proven to be a cultural driving force that grows, changes, and is adapted as society progresses. We at Tampa News Force love to wet our food, and the sauces on this list will get your food really nice and wet.

5. Hose behind Three Coins

Sometimes the best meal at 3 AM is from a diner, opt-out of eating inside this establishment and take it to-go.  Behind Nebraska Avenues world-famous Three Coins Diner, there is a hose you can use to spray your food down.

4. Puddle near Jackson’s Bistro

This high-class bar and sushi bistro has underground parking, which guarantees a questionable puddle of water nearly 100% of the time.  Whenever you want to wet your food, just take a quick trip to the parking garage, and find a puddle to dip your food into.

3. Fountain at Columbia Restaurant in Ybor

One of Tampa’s most legendary restaurants houses an intricately designed, marvelous water fountain. After the food is brought out to you, it is customary for everyone in your party to take turns going to the fountain to dip the plates in the water before eating anything. This ensures you have a nice wet deliciously overpriced meal.

2. Dumpster Behind Datz

This deli gastropub is a perfect place for finding something to dip your food into. Personally, the dumpster behind the establishment provides an overwhelming amount of flavor, but for those seeking authentic Tampa taste, this is where you find it.

1. Buffalo Wild Wings in Ybor City

What’s better than eating nice saucy wings? Literally, anything else, especially if you’re eating the wings from this disastrously disgusting excuse for a restaurant. Do me a favor, if you ever eat at this establishment, make sure to tip the people who work there very well because it’s not their fault.  The Buffalo Wild Wings, or as they prefer to be called “B-Dubs” (Which I refuse to call them that and would burn the place to the ground before I ever call it that), is a sad place that was founded by two cis-gendered privileged white males with an agenda to cause more drunk driving accidents in vehicles containing families. These wings are fried until flavorless and then smothered in your choice of sauce, some great sauce at this place.  

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