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Five Liberal Talking Points and How to Destroy Them This Christmas: Own the Libs Today

Christ, Keep him in Christmas

Face it, out of any day this year, some libtard is going to try and wish you a Happy Holidays instead of keeping Christ in Christmas. Don’t let them get away with it! Use our handy guide to bring down any of their misguided talking points with your own passionate and misinformed soliloquy that is sure to ruin any family gathering. 

5. Trump’s Tax Cuts Worked For Everyone*

Tax Cuts for Everyone!

Those tax cuts that Trump passed definitely worked, that’s why you have $1 Million right now.  Show your relatives the tax cuts worked for everyone* by showing them your bank account, and then make fun of them for not working hard enough at their two minimum wage jobs.

4. Socialism is going to make us all gay

Gay Stuff Bro

Face it, liberals want to make this a socialist country so they can turn our kids gay.  Show them this article to prove it to them. 

3. Rick Scott Invited me to watch the movie Cats

Cats the movie is sick bro

Senator Rick Scott came into my room last night and stared at me until I woke up.  Then he said he had a special present for me, but it was in his car.  When I got to his car, he grabbed me and took me to the movies.  Next thing I knew I was stuck watching that movie Cats.  I’m still here and we are halfway through our second viewing.

2. Let me look up why I disagree with you

Fox and Friends is my Bible

I can’t form my own opinion unless I hear it yelled at me by someone wearing a suit.

1. This is the last Christmas Ever

Christmas is Dead

Damn liberals cancelled Christmas, just like they cancelled BTS.  Who am I supposed to dance to now?

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