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Lunar eclipse turns out to be nutsack

An account on twitter with over 5 million followers, popular for its news on lunar eclipse, incorrectly reported that a lunar eclipse was taking place last night, however it turned out that the users brother was dangling his nuts in front of his telescope, causing a silhouette.

“I apologize to all my followers for the false information.” Read a tweet from LunarLover44, the next day after recognizing his mistake.

“Usually I am very careful about accurately reporting when there is or isn’t a lunar eclipse, and unfortunately this time, I was wrong, and it was my brothers testicles hanging over the front of the telescope. Again, I apologize for the mishap, it will not happen again, I have told my brother he cannot be in the room with me when I report on lunar eclipses in the future.”

Parents of followers of LunarLover44 are outraged tweeting back, “You should be deplatformed for this! My child had to see a nutsack! He’s only 14! We had to go to church three times today just to make up for this foul incident!”

Another tweet read, “I’m going to f***ing kill you!”

What repercussions will come of this are yet to be fully determined, but it is recommended, that people get a second reference when consulting lunar eclipse news. Check more than just one account. 

The president of the United States even mentioned the incident during his most recent public address, joking, “Now, you might have looked up at the sky last night expecting to see a lunar eclipse, I know I did. But, it turned out, it was just some nuts. That ain’t right.” Laughed the president to a mild response.

Lil-Nas-X tweeted out, “Look out for my new single, Nutty Eclipse.”

Whether or not it is a real song coming out, or if it was just a joke, is currently undetermined.

Nestle tweeted out, “We will now be selling a new candy, ‘Nutty Eclipses’ at all places where candy are sold.”

Everyone seems to be cashing in on the trend.

In fact, Tampa News Force is now selling t-shirts that say, “I went to look at a lunar eclipse and all I got were my brothers nuts.” Which you can now buy on our website store.

Future updates on Nut-Eclipse gate will be shared as details continue to come in.

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