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Pete Davidson begins dating all of Tampa

Pete Dating

Saturday Night Live star and Machine Gun Kelly’s friend, Pete Davidson, has begun dating every single person in Tampa, men and women.

“Yea, having 387,915 people I’m dating right now is pretty cool.” Said Davidson

You can see him carousing through town and you can download the PD app to know when your turn is coming up.

“I got #232,122!” Exclaimed Debbie Benfold, a Hillsborough County resident.

“That’s not too bad! I should be able to see him in 8 days it says!”

Davidson’s schedule allows him to go on 30,000 dates per day, as long as he can be in New York for SNL on Saturday, he’s free to enjoy his free time as he pleases.

“I totally understand why people love me, I don’t know why people keep asking that question.” Davidson said.

“It’s weird that anyone would question why anyone loves anything.” Davidson continued.

“I live a good life and try my best to do good and I just want to make people happy and enjoy my time.” Elaborated Davidson.

This was how I spent my date with Pete Davidson. Writing an article about it for Tampa News Force. It was cool to interview him and go on a date with him. I get the hype, he’s great, everybody should be more like him.

Well not everybody, we need like people doing real jobs and stuff, but if more people were like him I’m sure it would be enjoyable. Or not, what do I know, I didn’t actually get to go on my date I got Omicron and I had to miss up my one opportunity to go on a date with Pete Davidson.

Well, not my one opportunity because I’m guaranteed at least 3 dates over the next 6 weeks, so I look forward to one where I hopefully don’t have another variant of Covid keeping me bedridden.

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