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Rape statistics in liberal cities

Rape Stats

Why would you click this?

You thought this would help your argument against democrats? To find out the rape statistics in liberal cities? So you could say, “Well did you know, that there’s actually more rape in liberal cities!” And that would mean that being liberal is bad. Because there’s more rape in liberal cities.

Well guess what?

There’s actually more rape in CONSERVATIVE CITIES.

How do you feel now?



You should.

Because that’s actually not true, I just made it up.

And now you can breathe a sigh of relief and think, “ok thank God, I didn’t even really care about that statistic any way, I only cared if it helped my argument. If it’s against me, then it’s meaningless, I only care about issues which can help me prove my point right.”

So how about, instead of searching for statistics which further your ideology, you just relax. Go get drunk or something. Go to Buffalo Wild Wings and stare at one of the 10,000 TVs. Maybe one of them has like dance battles or something on it.

Build in a Gazebo. That’s a fun activity.

Do anything but google rape statistics. 

No matter what they are, you will not feel good about them. Rape statistics should not make anyone happy.

Can we learn about behavioral patterns based on rape statistics in certain cities? Maybe.

Should I continue to question if there is any legitimate constructive thoughts that can come from this stupid, troll of an article? No.

No I shouldn’t. 

So I’m not.

Actually you know what?

No, I’m not.

You know what?

Maybe I will.

Nope, still not.




I’m done.

For real this time.

But what if?


I’m done.

But I can’t help but think…

No, stop thinking, just end the article.

But what if…

No! Stop the article!

Ok! Ok. I’m done. No more article.

But just… what if there was some sort of correlation between the statistics and the things happening in the cities. That would be interesting wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it?

Somebody Google rape statistics in all the cities in America and put together a graph for me. Thank you. I swear I’m done now.

John Jacobs

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