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St. Pete woman dating Leo!

Hollywood super duper star Leonardo DiCaprio, stung by recent criticism of his tendency to date much younger women, has found himself a new boo thang in 87-year-old Estelle Gardenschwartz of St. Petersburg! “Yeah, I’m sick of all that shit,” he said. “So this ought to shut people up.” “Because this chick is old!” he added…

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Clearwater man pulling all kinds of hot chicks via game on his phone

Word Nerd

Jay Bagre of Clearwater is attracting a lot of attention from beautiful women because he plays the popular game “Words With Friends” on his phone. “It’s unbelievable! All these beautiful women reaching out to me through this game because of my vocabulary skills”, he said. “That extra year of English for Academic Purposes I took…

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Last-minute visits to CVS yield surprises for Tampa couple

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day plans took a turn for a Tampa couple after late visits to a CVS. “I’ve been trying to break up with this chick for a while and she’s just not getting the hint,” said Jake Blacher. “I decided I would just do the most basic, cheap Valentine’s Day date possible and she would…

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Government agency certifies Tampa man as “officially ineligible” for love

No Love For You

After an exhaustive review, Florida’s Department of Relationship Worthiness has determined that Carl Kroboks of Tampa is “officially ineligible” for love. “This does not mean he can’t date. We can’t restrict his right to do that, if he wants to”, said department spokesperson Sharon Quarley, who is decidedly not interested in Mr. Kroboks. “Although, there’s…

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St. Pete man disappointed with Tinder date

Tinder disappointment

Gregg Glizistky of St. Petersburg feels like he’s been deceived by a woman he matched with on the popular dating app, Tinder. “All these profiles are basically the same”, he said. “They say, ‘Hi, I like to go out to eat, enjoy live music, working out, watching sports and leisure activities and dogs and art.…

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Top 5 things you don’t need to worry about in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Worries

I want you to stop what you’re doing and think about the picture at the top of this article. Think about who these people are and what’s happening between them. Who are they? How do they know each other? What’s their relationship to one another? What are they talking about? All right, stop thinking about…

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