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How to spend Christmas

It’s Christmas Day and somehow, you’ve gotten here without making plans for what to do. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s every way there is for you to spend Christmas if you don’t already have plans.  1. Be with family and friends, all the people who love and cherish you Yeah. Okay. Sure. If…

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Mons Venus discontinues attractive, young entertainers

Mons Women

Following what has become an established-but-annoying business trend, Tampa’s world famous Mons Venus “gentleman’s club” has announced that they will no longer offer young attractive women for the sake of providing entertainment to club patrons. “Yeah, we know people are going to be disappointed because the hot strippers were very popular, but we just can’t…

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Strip club that looks like warehouse is both


A new gentleman’s club that looks like a warehouse on Adamo Drive between Tampa and Brandon has joined the ranks of gentleman’s clubs that look like warehouses on Adamo Drive between Tampa and Brandon. The difference is that this new establishment actually serves as both. “Welcome to Partz!”, said owner/DJ Neon Cleon when we showed…

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Supply chain shortages impacting local gentlemen’s clubs

Empty Strip Stage

A disruption to global supply chains stemming from the shutdown of various industries in 2020 due to the COVID 19 pandemic are beginning to affect Tampa Bay Area strip clubs. “What we’re seeing on our end in this industry is a critical shortage of strippers”, said Joe Redner, owner of the world famous Mons Venus…

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Quiz: Which stripper is right for you?

Strip Club

The Tampa Bay Area is home to a lot of so-called “gentleman’s clubs” and that means it’s home to A LOT of strippers. That’s not news. People enjoy strip clubs, because getting away from the hassles of ‘real life’ and spending time with a sexy stranger is naughty fun. In an ongoing effort to help…

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Gentleman’s club unveils outdoor VIP area

Lookers, one of Tampa Bay’s most deservedly ignored ‘gentleman’s clubs’, has announced the addition of a new, outdoor VIP section. “We’re calling it the Grind Garden, so you know it’s classy,” says Rollo, the manager. The club is located at 8205 N. Dale Mabry, just South of Waters Avenue in the stretch between the abandoned…

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Abandoned strip club to become loneliness museum

Stripper and Fireworks museum opens

The gentleman’s club formerly known as Bendy’s in the Drew Park area of Tampa will reopen this spring as The National Loneliness Hall of Fame and Museum.  “Tampa is widely known as the strip club capitol of the world and everyone knows there‘a nothing more lonely than guys who hang around in strip clubs,” says…

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