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Super Bowl boycotts Tom Brady

For the second time in 3 years, the NFL Super Bowl has boycotted Tom brady without any explanation. “Just because we lose, doesn’t mean Tom shouldn’t be in the Super Bowl.” Said Chet Lamley, 4th-string running receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “We’re working on changing the rules of the league so Tom will be…

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How to celebrate Tom Brady Retirement Day

Feb 1

Every year since last year, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and future NFL Hall of Famer Tom Brady retires on February 1st, ending his legendary and unprecedented career for 40 days. Here are some ways you can get in on the fun and celebrate this annual occasion… QUIT YOUR JOB That’s enough of that. Just walk…

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Tom Brady appears on Andrew Tate live stream

Tate Podcast

Bucs Quarterback, Tom Brady, appeared on Andrew Tate’s most recent live-stream from the Rumble platform, showing off his newest crypto coin purchase of 6,000,000 Tampa Coin. “He came out, talked about how much he loves Tampa, talked about how much he loves the Tampa News Force cryptocurrency Tampa Coin, then he did a couple cartwheels,…

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Tom Brady knew about Covid, moved to Florida

Brady Covid

New articles on have revealed that Tom Brady knew about Covid before it happened which is why he decided to move to Tampa. “He was privy to information before the public which stated, Covid would be released in China then slowly spread to America and shut things down, noting that Florida would be one…

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“Boys Night Out” for Brady saves Bucs season

Tom's Night Out

With what has seemed like uncharacteristically erratic behavior from Buccaneers starting quarterback and all-time NFL great Tom Brady recently, widely speculated to stem from conflict within his relationship with his wife Gisele Bündchen, the team decided to intervene and arranged for a “boys night out” to lift Brady’s spirits and re-focus him on the 2022…

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Tom Brady to enter Canton as a Buccaneer

Brady HOF

Legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady announced his retirement on Tuesday, and he neglected to mention the New England Patriots at all in his Instagram video. But he also made another announcement that has many sports fans surprised. “I’m going to Canton as a Buccaneer,” Brady said in a second Instagram post. “I know I played…

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Brady astral projects himself into Joe Burrow 

Former or current (depending on your choice of media source) Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback spent Sunday astral projecting himself into Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow and defeating the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship. “Whether I’m retired or not, I didn’t have anything to do, and I like getting into Super Bowls, so I…

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Tom Brady announces retirement at Hooters

Brady retires

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady ended a week of speculation about his future by officially announcing his retirement from the NFL at a party he hosted at Hooters on Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa today. “It’s cold outside, Gasparilla is a huge mob scene so I figured why not throw a little get together at…

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