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Tampa weather changes

Tampa Weather Changes

In a global move, the planet is now on a different part of it’s galactic axis, causing the weather to change in Tampa. It’s no longer how it was the other day. It’s different now. So times it gets colder than it normally does. Not quite as hot. But still hot. Pretty hot. Kind of cold in the morning and at night. I think it’s effecting the animals, I see the bees by my bushes flying a little different. They usually go faster, but now they kind of cruise slowly,”hover” if you may.

The weather should be back to the way we like it soon. It never stays this way for too long. Some people focus on these moments and dwell on how the weather isn’t how they like it. Don’t do that. When you do that you’re training your brain to give more energy to the negative. Don’t feed it. Starve it. Make it die. When you don’t give energy to the negative you have more energy for the positive. And some people go, “You can’t always be happy.” I never said you should only be happy. Experience everything as it comes. You’re allowed to be sad. Just be conscious of not overindulging in the macabre.

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