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Unfortunate business title leads to closing of “Harvey’s Wine-Steins”


“They’re just beer steins for wine!” Said Harvey Klitchman, owner of Harvey’s Wine-Steins of US 19 in Palm Harbor.

“It’s no different than the way people use giant glasses to fill with beer, These are just giant steins, specially made for holding your wine. You can fit a whole bottle of wine into my wine-steins.”

“I completely understand Mr. Klitchman!” I replied.

“Yea, I just pour wine into my stein and somehow people are associating that with the sadistic behavior of a disgraced and jailed movie executive.” Pragmatically explained Klitchman.

The business-owner then personally took me on a tour through a bunch of tunnels under his business.

“I transport people through these tunnels!” Said Klitchman.

“Not illegally or anything though, I’m legally trafficking humans, you don’t hear much about that, because it’s like airports and bus stations, it’s a regular part of live, but few people actually do their own personal legal trafficking and don’t go through one of the major outlets.” Shared Klitchman.

“Certain people in high positions in our economy use my service to have people visit them through tunnels, but they have passports and ID’s so I know they are who they say they are.” Klitchman brazenly blurted.

“I mean, unless those were fake documents.” Questioned Klitchman sincerely as he looked down and towards a corner of the room.

“Hmm.” He said, then returning to our interview.

“I’m sorry I think I need to go away and think about some things for a little bit.” Klitchman said, waving his hand as he turned away from me.

“This interview is over.” He said.

I wasn’t able to get anything else out of him as he quickly escorted me out and unfortunately he banned me for life from ever returning to the location so we will not have a follow-up on this story and there will be no questions answered.

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