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Letter from IRS bodes poor for TNF writer’s future


An email from the IRS was sent to TNF writer Chris Coon, and we’ve published the message in it’s entirety here: From The Internal Revenue Service: To Christopher Coon, CEO of “Chris Coon’s Flimsy Alligator Tax Shelter,” I am hereby denying the tax exempt status of your organization. Your mission statement: “Alligators should be more…

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Op-ed: Athletes are ruining athletics

Bad Athletes

(EDITORS NOTE: Our focus here at Tampa News Force is to provide top-notch quality news coverage by award-winning journalists on topics of specific interest to the Tampa Bay Area. However occasionally a controversial subject beyond that scope demands attention and one of our readers offers us a shit-ton of money for the opportunity to utilize…

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Worst Ways to Console Someone in Mourning


Knowing what to do when a friend or acquaintance is mourning the death of a loved one is one of the most difficult things human beings have to deal with. Your natural instinct is to say or do something but that may not be helpful. It might actually be harmful. It’s easier and more effective…

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Top 5 Least Essential Service Providers

Non Essential Providers

Is this headline an oxymoron or a double negative? I don’t know. It seems like it could be worded differently, but it’s supposed to mirror the article that ran earlier this morning, like a companion piece. What an utterly inconsequential thing to worry about. Just like the people on this list… 5. Sideline Reporters Is…

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Top 5 Most Essential Service Providers


About a year ago, we were all really appreciative of people who worked in certain sectors providing services to us. So much so, that we deemed them ESSENTIAL. Now that things seem to be returning to “normal”, it looks like we’re taking them for granted again. This post is intended to direct the spotlight back…

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Top 5 craziest people

5. Hitler Commonly referred to by his whole name, Adolf Hitler, he’s the father of the Holocaust and widely regarded as one of the most criminally insane people in the world. He felt nothing ordering the death of countless people and the suffering of millions globally. This guys absolutely nuts. 4. Freddy Kline Fred is…

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How to emotionally manipulate through fear

Emotionally Manipulate Through Fear

In unfortunate situations such as kidnapping or abuse which would be forcing you to stay somewhere you don’t want to be, emotional manipulation can be used to save your life. While it’s immoral to do anything which would influence someones action in an insincere way, if it’s a matter of life and death, you can…

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