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Furries making a comeback, thanks to COVID-19

It’s no secret that safe sex has been a bit dicey since the COVID pandemic began earlier this year. New York City health officials even went so far as to recommend residents practice COVID-safe sex, through use of a “wall” (aka a glory hole). The porn industry seems to be particularly at risk for COVID transmission. While pornography producers simply have not been able to keep up with the growing demand to provide OSHA-approved masks for performers, another COVID-safe sex practice has emerged. That’s right, furries are making a comeback, and they’re more popular than ever. 

A furry is a person who enjoys dressing up head to toe in a full body costume, mask and all. As you can imagine, a furry costume provides exquisite protection from COVID, as one’s entire body is protected, and no part of their face is exposed. The Adult Film Association reported earlier this month that 85% of all pornography filmed since the beginning of 2020 has included at least one person in a full body costume. 

Says Missy Boobs-A-Lot, a renowned adult film actress who produces content from a studio located in a self-storage unit in Seffner, “It’s really hard to get good airflow in the costumes, but I’m doing what I have to do to keep myself and the other actors safe. So far, I’ve managed to stay COVID-free all year. I did get herpes though…”

One glory hole and furry costume at a time, the porn industry is doing their part to put an end to Corona Virus. Stay safe and order your own furry costume on Amazon. You can also drill a small circular hole in your bathroom door for a homemade glory hole. Your spouse will love it and definitely won’t be offended when you tell them it’s an early anniversary gift.

Shellie H

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  1. Avatar Emily wilson on July 6, 2020 at 1:44 pm

    Damn funny!